Healthy Back Workshops


Maintaining a Healthy Back for Parents and Carers

Healthy Back Workshops

Mobile workshops for Parents and Groups of Mums ( max 5-6 people)

Are you interested in learning some simple ways to help prevent back pain picking up your little one as they grow? I offer a mobile service holding informal one-to-one sessions and group workshops.

I charge £10 per hour and workshops generally take 2 hours. You also receive a free booklet as a guide to help with your learning.

These informal workshops are aimed at parents and carers. I offer advice on stretches and best practices when picking up your child to help ease and prevent back pain. As a mum, I know hard it is for your body to keep up with how quickly your little one is growing. I found it placed a severe strain on my back and shoulders picking her up 50 times every day. So I wanted to share my knowledge of ways to help prevent injury and allow us mums to enjoy playtime with our babies without aches and pains.

Workshops will cover:

  • Lifting your baby from the floor and during bath time
  • Placing your little one in their cot and carrying your baby
  • Holding your baby during breastfeeding
  • Placing your little one in their car seat
  • Placing your little one in high chairs and on their changing table


Why do you get back ache?

As a mum you put your body through a lot. Putting your baby in their cot, buggy, car seat, high chair, and changing table puts stress on your wrists, elbows, shoulders, back and neck.You pick your baby up around 50 times a day in the first year and he weighs 7-10 pounds, at around 5-9 months his weight spikes to 15-20 pounds as your baby starts eating solids but is yet to start moving around. This quick increase in weight adds additional strain on your back as your body takes time to build up strength. Once your little one is over 1 their weight increases to around 20-30 pounds putting a lot of pressure on your body. The pressure on your spine is increased by up to 10 times the weight you are lifting (slightly less if you are shorter)- eg a 20 pound baby puts 200 pounds of pressure on your spine.Your skeleton works best when the correct muscles are used to do specific jobs and are not over loaded. Poor body mechanics from excessive stress and strain puts additional force on ligaments, muscles, joints and tendons, and spinal discs which leads to reduced performance and results in aches and pains. This can aggravate existing muscular tension and create new areas prone to stress. Women lack the natural upper body strength that men have making them more prone to RSI which means we need to take more care when we’re picking up our little ones to ensure we don’t suffer afterwards.


Stress  centres

Areas on your body that are most prone to this pressure are called stress centres. Stress centres on your back area that are most vulnerable to strain are the mid back spinal area between shoulder blades from breast feeding, and picking up your baby incorrectly ie. putting your child in their car seat or high chair. Also your lower back ( the dip in your back) is another stress centre that suffers from bending down low and picking up your child incorrectly ie. from the floor, putting them in the bath, or cot.Oblique muscles either side of your spine are under stress at times such as  putting your child in the car seat, on the changing table- where you are twisting and lifting at the same time. Also these muscles are used when you are carrying your little one on your hip.Your rhomboid muscles or shoulders are a stress centre where stress gathers from picking up and carrying your baby around in your arms.Short chest muscles can round the shoulders pulling them forward and resulting in constant pressure on mid back muscles.


Benefits to a healthy back

A healthy back functions effectively resulting in less aches and pains for you and a happier time with your little one. You no longer need to worry about play, meal or bath times as you know you won’t end up with a sore back. Maintaining a healthy back also results in better circulation, increased energy levels and even boosts your metabolism.

If you suffer from any injuries to your back or torso or have had any surgery in the past 12 months or suffer from any heart conditions or any other conditions that prevents you from doing light exercise, then you should consult your doctor before attending any workshops.

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A relaxing massage designed to reduce tension in your back and shoulders. Tension can build across your upper back and neck from sitting hunched at your desk or at the table. This massage loosens your shoulders and neck and improves the blood circulation from your heart to your head, re-energising your mind.

  • >De-stress
  • >Reduce tension in sore muscles
  • >Increase blood circulation to the head and neck


I believe in time for yourself to relax and take a break from your daily routine. Its essential to look after your body as its constantly working for you and to keep it running smoothly, it needs to be maintained.

Massage has many benefits including improving blood circulation which ensures oxygen and nutrients are passed efficiently round your body, muscle tone is improved, lymph circulation is increased draining your body of waste and toxins and there are many more benefits to regular massage treatments.

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