I’ve had treatments with a number of different massage therapists since I moved to Brighton and you are by far the best. I won’t be going anywhere else. I am constantly amazed at how you not only work on areas that I am aware are causing me discomfort (stiff shoulders, lower back pain etc) but you are then miraculously able to trace the problem to its source which stops me experiencing further pain. You truly have magic hands!

Shona McLeod 18/07/2017

I felt so relaxed after my massage last week, you’re just the best! 

Victoria Schofield 15/07/2017

The best massage I have ever had. The atmosphere in Ruth’s studio is extremely peaceful and calming. Her gentle, personal approach reflects this. But her ability to locate tension and deal with it robustly when necessary is superb. Thank you !

Sonia Davis 10/09/2014

A really good massage therapist, I would recommend her .

Hazel Ellison 20/08/2014


Wonderful massage and lovely lady who have the treatment! Would recommend to anyone!

Amy Newnhan 07/22/2014


Amazing massage,would definitely recommend

Lianne Samways 07/20/2014


Ruth is a very lovely and warm person and I felt straight away at ease with her. The oil she used smelled amazing and the swedish massage was very relaxing and skilful. I will definitely recommend Ruth !

Antoinette Hoogstrate 06/05/2014


It was amazing and very comfortable and will def go back and I def recommend going to the mymassagespace.

Catherine Lisher 06/03/2014


The massage was just perfect ! Couldn’t recommend more. Will certainly return. Thanks 

Jayna Shah 05/21/2014


The most relaxing and peaceful massage ever! Ruth was so welcoming, kind and incredibly professional! I recommend a 100% Thankyou!

Lucy Reilly 04/11/2014


Ruth was lovely, very friendly and welcoming. Treatment was amazing, would absolutely recommend!

Emma Garwood 04/08/2014


Wonderful massage! I think I’ve found my new massage therapist since mine moved 🙂

Julia Beire 12/11/2014


Ruth was lovely, and her massage room was really warming and relaxing – I’d definitely recommend her treatment…

Sarah Kernan 10/22/2013


I really enjoyed my massage and would definitely recommend mymassagespace to others.

Stacey Dickson 10/28/2013


great massage – I plan to return soon…. thanks

Naomi Bedford 10/29/2013


Ruth was a brilliant masseur and I would recommend her for any treatments.

Gavin 10/16/2013


best deep massage I’ve ever had, friendly masseur

Natalie Watson 10/9/2013


“The massage was great and I don’t think I have ever been so relaxed. Ruth was lovely and really friendly and I will definitely be booking appointments again in the future!”

Esther Wilcox


loved it! Ruth massage was great, left really relaxed and free of tension. Highly recommended

Elaine Martini 8/21/2013


lovely relaxing massage. Ruth is very friendly and does an excellent job . Highly recommended

Jenni Andrews 8/19/2013


Absolutely amazing. One of best massages I’ve ever had. Highly recommend.

Beth Dumonteil 8/4/2013


“Ruth created such a warm and inviting space and the hot stone treatment was absolutely incredible. An amazing and nurturing experience. “



“Amazing massage. Ruth was lovely. I would definitely recommend this to anyone and will absolutely be going back for more treatments. 10 out of 10.”

Tegan Foley


Lovely lady, nice surroundings,.great massage. A winner!

Jean Renville 7/9/2013


Ruth was a brilliant masseur and I would recommend her for any treatments.

Gavin 10/16/2013


</p> <p> </p> <p>[blockquote cite="Burnice - Stressed professional with older family - Back, Neck and Shoulder massage"]Brilliant and very accomodating to my low pain thresh-hold. Would definitely recommend and I’ll be back.


A very relaxing massage. Ruth found areas of tension and tightness and spent a good amount of time working on them, which has made me feel so much better! A wonderful massage for a stressed, tired new mum. Would thoroughly recommend

Ali - Mum to a young baby - Hot and Cold Stones massage


Treatment was very enjoyable and was very professional

Kate - New mum and student - Indian Head Massage


Loved the hot towels

Sarah - Young city professional - Swedish body massage


Was put at ease, treatment explained throughout, very relaxing, would definitely have it done again

Rhiannon - Graphic designer working long hours at a desk - Swedish body massage


The treatment was thoroughly and professionally carried out and my well being and comfort considdered all the time. The treatment was relaxing leaving me feeling refreshed

Carol - Retired and mum to an older family -Indian Head Massage







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indian head and shoulder massage

This treatment is great for loosening tightly knotted muscles. The heat whilst loosening tense muscles relaxes your body, whilst the cold marble stones relieve pain.

  • >Reduce tension in sore muscles and reinvigorate your body
  • >De-stress
  • >Reduce tension in sore muscles
  • >Improves circulation
  • >Calm the mind


I believe in time for yourself to relax and take a break from your daily routine. Its essential to look after your body as its constantly working for you and to keep it running smoothly, it needs to be maintained.

Massage has many benefits including improving blood circulation which ensures oxygen and nutrients are passed efficiently round your body, muscle tone is improved, lymph circulation is increased draining your body of waste and toxins and there are many more benefits to regular massage treatments.

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